Navratri Special Food Recipes

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                 It is that time of the year again when idols of goddess Durga are ornamented with kumkum, bangles, flowers, and jeweled attires. Morning prayers are offered accompanied by synchronized bells. The aroma of pure butter delicacies fill up the space. Navratri, one of the biggest Hindu festivals is celebrated twice a year with great fervour across the country. Devotees worship the different avatars of Goddess Durga for nine days. Goddess Durga is believed to have nine different incarnations and each female deity signifies a distinct power. The word ‘Navratri’ refers to the nine auspicious nights during which Goddess Durga is worshiped and most people observe fasts. It is celebrated twice a year, at the beginning of spring and during the onset of autumn. During Navratris most people give up non-vegetarian food while many others also eliminate onion and garlic from their meals.